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What does a Biden Administration means for immigration?

It is still unclear exactly how effective Biden’s administration will be in making reforms to the current immigration system. President Joe Biden’s first day in office is very promising. He signed three executive orders that impact immigration. 1. DACA!

He reversed the Trump Administration‘s atrack on DACA. The executive order extended the DACA program for four more years. due to a recent court case, we have been submitting new and renewal DACA applications. This order takes the program out of the hands of the courts. We can all feel relieved that DREAMERS will be protected from deportation under this administration. 2. BORDER WALL

Biden effectively stopped construction of the border wall. This signals a more Rational approach to immigrants and immigration policy. 3. TRAVEL BAN

President Biden ended the contiversial travel ban on mostly majority Muslim countries. The travel ban was plagued with confusion and vague standards. It separated many families and barred entrance to many people arbitrarily. It is a relief to see the ban lifted.

Biden promises to introduce additional legislation to streamline the immigration process and create a path to legalization for hard-working, law-abiding non-citizens. We are optimistic about the things to come and will keep you updated!

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