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The Gordon Law firm is a comprehensive immigration law firm.  We evaluate each case to provide the best potential options for immigration issues using the entire tool box of immigration law.  We have experience in employment-based immigration, family-based immigration and removal proceedings. 

 We work with clients in all situations and statuses to achieve their stated goals  

Family-based immigration benefits and Immigration Court


As part of providing comprehensive immigration solutions, we work with both employers and their employees in all fields and types of businesses. We work with employers to help resolve workforce shortages through employment-based immigration. We also assist with I-9 audits and compliance to give business owners peace of mind given the dramatic increase in I-9 inspections. 

To find out if your business or employee could benefit from employment-based immigration or an I-9 review, give us a call. 

Employment-based immigration and I-9 Compliance


If you are a non-citizen needing representation in a family law proceeding or being accused of a crime, it is important to retain a firm with experience in immigration law who is aware of how these various areas of laws coincide.  Our firm is aware of the immigration consequences that may arise during criminal and family proceedings. Give us a call to discuss how we can assist you in all your legal proceedings. 

Divorces, Felonies, Misdemeanors, Adoption


From prosecution to defense, we advise and represent clients in mediation, arbitration,  and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, while always asserting our readiness for the possibility of trial. Whether your issue involves construction, contract, property, or personal injury, we can assist companies and individuals in identifying legal needs, creating a solid strategy, building a firm case or providing a strong defense. Legal strategies are tailored with your goals in mind.

Construction, Contract, Property Disputes, Personal Injury

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